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Serving the packaging industries for over 50 years

Pillar Technologies is recognised worldwide as a global manufacturer of induction sealing systems, creating the one of the world’s first waterless induction systems in the form of the Unifoiler. The packaging industry has relied upon Pillar’s advanced induction sealers to:

  • provide tamper evidence
  • provide leak protection on liquid products
  • deter from pilferage
  • extend the shelf-life of certain products

Markets that are most familiar with induction sealing include:

  • pharmaceutical
  • medical
  • nutraceutical
  • food
  • beverage
  • automotive chemicals
  • agriculture chemicals
  • health & beauty
  • liquid, powder, tablet and capsule filling applications

Induction sealing can also be used on products outside of these markets. Consult your Pillar Representative for your free application evaluation.

Pillar has a long history of innovations and accomplishments:

1973: The first solid-state induction cap sealer.

1983: The first transistorized air-cooled power supply for induction sealing.

1985: The worlds first “Universal Coil”.

1992: Introduction of the Foiler – a water-cooled IGBT based sealer.

1997: Introduction of the Unifoiler – one of the world’s first “waterless” induction cap sealers.

1999: Expansion of the Unifoiler line with a 2kW and 4kW.

2004: Pillar further expanded the Unifoiler in 2003 with a 6kW system – Currently the highest powered waterless sealer on the market.

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