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Food, Dairy and Beverage Cap Sealing Applications

Food, Dairy and Beverage Cap Sealing ApplicationsFood manufacturing is the number one industry for induction seal technology, with food, dairy and beverage manufacturers seeking leak protection, extended shelf life and pilferage defense on a range of their products. Not only does induction sealing cut costs on lost product and potential recalls, it also ensures the highest level of safety for your customers.

Induction Seal Technology can reduce the chance of leakage to one in ten million units, giving businesses the peace of mind they require during the food manufacturing process, while sealed products keep out unwanted air-born pollutants that may strike under a loosened cap.

Pillar Technologies’ Induction Sealers have also been used to extend the shelf-life and maintain product integrity of certain products for over fifty years. The foil inner seal acts as a barrier that locks in freshness and keeps out damaging humidity, meaning our sealers can help your product arrive to your customer just as fresh as the day you sealed it!

With our induction seal technology, food manufacturers can rest assured their product is protected.

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