Your Cap

Your Cap Style & The Induction Cap Seal

Your cap style is a vital component necessary to properly size your induction sealing equipment. An induction cap seal can range in size from 10mm up to 120+ mm.

Styles may include:
  • DispensingInduction Cap Sealing
  • Flip-Top
  • Child Resistant
  • Push-Pull
  • Standard Flat
  • Spouted
  • Dual Cap
  • Hinged Specialty

Photos represent typical products that are,or may be, induction sealed. Pillar does not claim to seal these products

“I need to seal many cap styles and sizes with just one system”

Induction Cap Sealers By Pillar TechnologiesContract Packagers rely on Pillar Technologies’ induction cap sealers as the most versatile equipment on the market today. The 2kW Unifoiler™ waterless system is capable of sealing from 10-120mm caps, in a wide variety of styles and shapes, with just one system.

Our proprietary sealing heads are interchangeable and repairable saving you money and lowering your cost of ownership while giving you the flexibility to handle most any cap design that comes your way.

Gain your customer’s trust and stay ahead of the competition. Buy Pillar. Ask about the right induction cap seal for your product today.

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