Spare Parts Kits Ifoiler

Spare Parts Kits For iFoiler Induction Capsealers

iFoiler Calibrated Board Set

Description Part Number Qty
Touch Screen Assembly B11139-1 1
I/O PCB Assembly B11137-1 1
Power PCB Assembly B11132-10 1
Control PCB Assembly B11131-1 1


iFoiler Standard Spare Parts Kit

Description Part Number Qty
Control Board Fuse F1 (5x20mm, 300mA, 250V) Littlefuse 239.300HXP 1
Control Board Fuse F2 (5x20mm, 160mA, 250V) Littlefuse 218.160MXP 1
Control Board Fuse F3 (5x20mm, 200mA, 250V) Littlefuse 218.200MXP 1
Power Board Fuse F1 (30A semiconductor) PP209-33 1
Power Board Fuse F2/F3 (5x20mm, 50mA, 250V) Littlefuse 218.050MXP 2
Power Board Fuse F4 (5x20mm, 250mA, 250V) Littlefuse 218.250MXP 1
I/O Board Fuse F1 (5x20mm, 1.25A, 250V) Bussman S500-1.25-R 1
I/O Board Fuse F2 (5x20mm, 5A, 250V) Bussman S500-5-R 1
Power Supply Cooling Fan PP307-679 1
Coil Cooling Fan PP307-735 1
Coil Cooling Fan Pressure Switch PP200-592 1
Fan Filter (3.75”) PP307-623 1
Fan Filter (4.88”) PP307-663 1
Power Supply Disconnect Switch PP200-551 1
Power Supply Disconnect Switch Handle PP200-552 1
Power Supply Circuit Breaker PP203-245 1
Coil Proximity Sensor PP1006-111 1
Power Supply Temperature Switch PP200-517 1
Inverter IGBT (600V, 150A) PP604-41 1
Bridge Rectifier PP607-19 1
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