Why Pillar

Why Pillar Technologies?


The Pillar UNIFOILER™ induction cap sealing systems offer the widest range of power supplies available in a waterless cap sealing system – from 1000 watts (1kW) up to a full 6000 watts (6kW). Our portable systemsare complimented with a variety of options including comprehensive detection packages, reject mechanism, in-feed bottle stop gate, IQ/OQ validations and much more.


Pillar offers high-quality machinery, made in the USA, at a competitive price. Our machines are built tough, to last for many years.


The UNIFOILER™ ranges in power from 1000 watts to 6000 watts capable of sealing the smallest to the largest diameter caps with our most popular Universal and Tunnel style sealing coils.


Pillar will match your application to the lowest kilowatt needed, giving you the highest production output to maximize your profits.


The UNIFOILER™ cap sealing system allows you to expand your production output as your needs change.


The UNIFOILER™ offers interchangeable sealing coils changing from manual to conveyor style, or from Universal to Tunnel, in a matter of seconds.


Our induction cap sealing coils are independent from our power supplies for ease of changeover and regular maintenance.


Pillar’s coils are repairable. Bottom line- the others don’t match up. A coil repair significantly lower than a coil replacement. Our repairs may be less than one-half the price of a new coil.

Why Waterless?

Simple. Waterless induction cap sealing systems are less than 1/2 the size of formerly popular water-cooled systems because we’ve eliminated filters, hoses, pumps, radiators, flow switches, water and mess! Less parts mean less chance of part failure and virtually no maintenance.

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Pillar Technologies offers Waterless Induction Cap Sealing Systems for all applications.

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